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Would you like to get to know a completely different city? Tired of travelling to cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and now looking for alternatives?

Then you should give Münster a try! The city in North Rhine-Westphalia that counts a population of 270,000 as well as 50,000 students, is well known for its individual atmosphere, the easy way of life of its long-term inhabitants, and the pulsating life that its short-term inhabitants like to live. Münster is the capital of cyclists and bars. You won't find as many cyclists and rustic bars anywhere else.

However, Münster offers far more: Besides the Aasee, the green lung of Münster, you should not miss a visit to the Allwetterzoo and enjoy the shopping experience of Münster's Prinzipalmarkt. Walk along the Kreativkai or pay Pablo Picasso a visit. With your accommodation service Münster gloveler.com it's easier to spend the night in Münster.

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Muenster sightseeing

Aasee (Lake Aa)
Aasee (Lake Aa) is the green lung of Münster. You can explore the nature surrounding the lake best by bycicle. Stop off in one of the countless restaurants around the Aasee and don't forget to pay a visit to the black swan "Petra" that has fallen in love with a white pedal boat and hasn't left it ever since.
Allwetterzoo (All weather zoo)
The Allwetterzoo Münster belongs to the biggest zoos in Northern Germany. Here you can feed elephants or get in close contact with monkeys, meerkats and other exotics. A special experience is the penguin's march where you will accompany jackass penguins on all visitors' ways of the zoo.
Prinzipalmarkt (Principal's Market)
Prinzipalmarkt is marked by its numerous gabled houses. It is interesting that no gable resembles another gable. Visit the Lambertikirche with its steeple where you can see the three famous "Täuferkörbe" which the church hung up with the aim to fight "against the apostasy from the only blessing church" in 1535.
Creative Quay
Kreativkai (Creative Quay) is the new address of Münster's harbor. Here you can find countless studios and restaurants. Every year the harbor is invaded by thousands of visitors during the 3-day "Hafenfest". And don't miss the "Drachenbootrennen" (race of the dragonboats)!
In Münster there are several museums about history and art. "Archäologisches Museum", "Graphikmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster" and Münster's Stadtmuseum are the best known ones. Because every ten years Münster is the scene of "Skulptur.Projekte", countless sculptures can be found in Münster, too.
Even though bicycling is nothing special in and of itself, this means of transportation is so popular and unique to Münster that we should definetely mention it at this point. The whole city and its surrounding regions are ideal for cyclists and invite to recreation.

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